Ramin Introduction

Ramin is located in the well-developed part of Khuzestan province center and in convenient access to the provincial axes of Kermanshah, on the 6th kilometer of Ahvaz-Masjed-e-Soleiman road, near the road north of Ahwaz. In the natural context of the city, there are remnants of the historic Askar Mekram city.

History of approval and construction

New Ramin city studies based on the decision of 1/7/12 of the Higher Urban Planning Council to prevent the horizontal development of Ahwaz city and propose discontinuous development of the city, migration control, establishment of suitable housing in the north of Ahvaz area, which began after studies of the mechanics of new cities, On 2/6/9, the new city of Ramin was established on a 2 hectare land with a population ceiling of 1.5.

Out of 2 hectares of primary land (over 6 hectares) was selected and approved as a master plan for the new city area and we considered the rest of the land for future development of the city as well as other regional uses and areas of influence. Has been.

Location and geography, weather and climate of the new city of Ramin

The new city of Ramin is located in the well-developed part of the Khuzestan province’s central city and is conveniently located on the north-east of Ahwaz-Masjed-e-Soleiman Road, a kilometer away from the province.

In the natural context of the city, there are remnants of the historic Askar Mekram city. The Great Karun River flows through the western part of the city and is located north of the city’s Zagros Snowy Mountains. To the east of the city’s lands, there is a lush and fertile northern Ahvaz plain that together contributes to the summer range of the city. It has mild winters, with temperatures fluctuating around 2.5 degrees Celsius per day and annual precipitation averaging 5 mm, which is why the new city’s air temperature is 8 to 5 degrees Celsius cooler than its mother city, Ahvaz.

Ramin’s view of the fertile plain of Khuzestan has an eye-catching dawn and a lively sunset in the lowlands, where daytime life is linked to the quiet of the night and the night itself promises to be another afternoon. The growing population, the air pollution and the overwhelming bustle of the Ahwaz metropolis, and the problems and problems of living in such an environment, increasingly encourage anyone to choose a place to live in which they can live in peace and tranquility. Considering suitable climatic and locational conditions as well as urban peripheries such as health, sports, higher education, green space, recreation, urban equipment, cultural, social, commercial, administrative, law enforcement, religious and cultural Road and rail transport against urban standards A bright and ideal future can be envisioned for the new city of Ramin Pace.